Simon Moore…


Simon Moore. Brading Town to Sheffield United.
Simon Moore.
Brading Town to Sheffield United.

Former Brading Town goalkeeper Simon Moore, has been selected by his fellow professionals for the EFL Division 1 Team of the Year. Simon joined Sheffield United ( Div 1 ) this season from Cardiff City.

Simon was at Brading Town for several seasons as he rose through the ranks from junior keeper to the 1st team.

Everyone at Brading Town sends Simon their hearty congratulations and best wishes for next season in the Championship, after the Blades were promoted from League 1 as Champions.


Saturday, 22nd April 17……

IW Memorial Cup, S/F.

cuppa Ventnor 2 v 0 BRADING TOWN.

Team: Payne Jake Younie Bennett Hitchcox Knowles Keetch Oatley O Wilson Collins Vale Burford.

Subs: Josh Younie, Day. ( both used ) Vine ( unused )

Congratulations to Ventnor FC.

A deserved win, stronger all round, with GC running the midfield and Charlie Urry giving the Romans defence a tough afternoon.

All the best in the Final.

Referee: Mr. A. Gates. Asst Refs: Mr. A. Taylor & Mr. I. Smith.

Stan Dupps Brading Town Man of the Match: Matt OATLEY.


Supp Cup Div 2 / Comb 1.

cheers BRADING TOWN Res 7 v 2 Newport (IW) FC “A”.

( Boirand 2, Woodnutt 2, Burns 2, Charman 1 )

The reserves finished the season with another fine performance. Playing some good football, out from the back to the midfield and allowing both full backs to attack.

Team: Woodhouse Woodnutt T Trundle Connor Davis Davison McKinney Shaw Boirand Charman Burns.

Subs: Poore & Stanford. ( both used )

Referee: Mr. Andy Doncaster.


Saturday, 15th April 17…..

IW Saturday League, Div 2/Comb 1, Supp Cup.


 BRADING TOWN Res 6 v 2 Ryde Saints Res.

( Tom Trundle 3, Alex Boirand 3 )

A good, all round performance from the Romans. Played good quick football, mainly on the ground.

Really, they should have had many more goals and should have reached double figures.

Team: Hunt Woodnutt Tom Trundle Connor Davis Davison Shaw McKinney Strickland Charman Boirand.

Subs: Parker, Vine, Wood. ( all used )

A mention for referee, Ron Groves who had a first class game. Nice man too!!

Referee: Mr. Ron Groves.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Ben CHARMAN.


Next Season, 2017/18.

Due to the restructuring of the IOW football leagues and work commitments, Brading Town FC are looking for people to join the Management team for next season, 2017/18.

The club will have teams in Division 1, Combination 1 and Combination 2, 2017/18.

If you are interested in joining our club, please contact Steve Lawton in the first instance, via the clubs website or on 07977901423.


Saturday, 8th April 17…..

IW Saturday League, Div 1.


Brightstone 1 v 6 BRADING TOWN.

( Vale 2, O Wilson 2, Josh Younie 1, Hitchcox 1 )

Referee: Mr. Ian Smith.


BRADING TOWN Res 3 v 4 West Wight Res.

( Shaw, Strickland & Boirand )

Referee: Mr. Andy King.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Alex BOIRAND.


Tuesday, 4th April 17…..

Daniel Vale....won the game with his 37th goal of the season.
Daniel Vale….won the game with his 36th goal of the season.

clapping IW Saturday League, Div 1.

BRADING TOWN 1 v 0 Shanklin.

( Daniel Vale )

Team: Payne Jake Younie Knowles Burford Hitchcox Oatley Lawson Keetch Vale Ollie Wilson Liam Bennett.

Subs: Collins (used) Todd Bennett, Woodnutt, Josh Younie, Hunt ( all unused )

Referee: Mr. Matt Sainsbury.


Saturday, 1st April 17…..

IW Saturday League, Div 1.

read the paper BRADING TOWN 1 v 1 Binstead COB.

( Keetch )

Referee: Mr. John Hopkinson.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Todd BENNETT.


IW Div 2/Comb 1 Supp Cup.

Carisbrooke Utd 4 v 3 BRADING TOWN Res.

( Shaw 1, Strickland 1, E Wilson 1 )

Referee: Mr. Andy Doncaster.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Toby DAVISON.


Div 3/Comb 2 Supp Cup.

BRADING TOWN “A” 0 v 2 Carisbrooke Utd Res.

Referee: Mr. J. Saltzer.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Rob WOODFORD.