Saturday, 2nd May 15…

Sam Knowles
Sam Knowles…BTFCs only ever present this season. ( Courtesy of Mavis Siddons )

IW Saturday League, Div 1.

Oakfield 1 v 2 BRADING TOWN.

( Daniel Vale 2 )

Team: Payne Page Woodburn Knowles Bennett Lawson Burns Cook Collins Vale  J Larbalestier.

Subs: Vine, Davison. ( both used )

With 11 players ” unavailable “….!!! A very young Brading side, took three points from Oakfield, never an easy task at ” Oakers ” … A good performance by a very young back 4. Led by Sam Knowles ….. who has started every Brading game this season.

The ” OLDEST ” Brading outfield player, Daniel Vale took 2 fine chances, as he snatched the BTFC leading goalscorer, from the hands of Caymen Collins!!!

Brading Town Man of the Match: Charlie PAGE.

Referee: Mr. Dave Brunt.


Wednesday, 29th April 15…

IW Saturday League, Div 1.

West Wight 1 v 1 BRADING TOWN.

( C Collins )

Team: Payne Woodburn Woodnutt Knowles Burford Mulholland Lawson OatleyPage Collins Bennett.

Subs: Connor J Larbalestier Vale. ( all used )

Another draw, again after taking the lead we were pegged back. On reflection, we created more and restricted the opposition to very few attempts.
Good to see Vale back in action. With strong performances from the youngsters, the midfield 3 of Mulholland, Oatley and Lawson, were excellent all night, with the latter just edging the MOM award.

One game left and although it’s been a long and frustrating season, there are a some positives to take into next year. The squad is a very young one and if we can keep them together, the future looks rosy.

It will be the first time we have finished outside the top 3′ since we’ve been back in Div 1…… but this is also the strongest Div 1 in many years…… next years will be even stronger!!!    UTR!!

Brading Town Man of the Match: Scott LAWSON.

Referee: Mr. Ian Smith.


Saturday, 25th April 15

IW Saturday League, Div 1.

stars   BRADING TOWN 0 v 1 Seaview.

Team: Payne Page Woodnutt Knowles T Connor Bennett Oatley Lawson Cook Thomas Collins.

Subs: Woodburn Rowe J Larbalestier. ( all used )

Somehow, Brading contrived to spurn chance, after chance, after chance, with over 15 attempts at goal, all missing the target!!

Added to the shocking display by the referee, the worst I’ve seen for a very long time. How a referee could allow players to use the language, that was used to him today, is beyond disbelief!!! That, being only part of a very poor refereeing performance..

Having said that, Seaview kept going for 90 mins, and following Watsons leadership, they snatched the 3 points, with one of their 2 shots on target and well done to them for the effort they ALL put in.

Brading Town MOM… Charlie PAGE. ( Promising young player )

Stan Dupp.

Referee: Mr. Alan Leigh.

Man of the Match: Mark WATSON. ( Never missed header and hardly missed a tackle, lead his side from the front )


Reserve side…. finish runners up.

cheers Congratulations to Keith White and his reserve squad.

Who have finish the season as Comb 1 runners up. They miss being Champions only by goal difference. This, despite doing the double over the champions.

Running the reserve side and backing up the 1st team squad, is a difficult job at the best of times.

Having to play almost a different starting eleven, each week, tests most reserve team managers. Keith has dealt well with this and kept his young side going…no matter what popped up.

Well done to all concerned. #UTR


Wednesday, 22nd April 15.


( Photo courtesy of Mavis Siddons )
( Photo courtesy of Mavis Siddons )

IW Saturday League, Div 1.

East Cowes Sports 1 v 1 BRADING TOWN.

( Liam Bennett )

Team: Payne Woodburn Knowles Woodnutt Oatley T Connor Lawson Thomas Cook Collins Bennett.

Subs: J Larbalestier, Page, Rowe. ( all used )

Brading Town Man of the Match: Scott LAWSON.

Referee: Mr. Andy Doncaster 90/100.


Saturday, 18th April 15.

IW Memorial Cup Semi-Final.

BRADING TOWN 1 v 3 Cowes Sports Res.

( Caymen Collins )

Team: Payne Quigley Woodnutt Knowles Burford Lawson Mulholland Oatley J Larbalestier C Collins Bennett.

Subs: Rowe, Day. ( both used ) Woodburn. (unused)

Brading Town Man of the Match: Cayman COLLINS.

Referee: Mr. Brian Hayward.

( Video courtesy of Mavis Siddons )


IW Saturday League, Comb 1.

cheers  Oakfield Res 1 v 3 BRADING TOWN Res.

( L Vine 1, P Davis 1, B Charman 1 )

Team: Woodhouse Page Bayliss MacKinney Connor Vine Burns Ruddell Cook Davis G White.

Subs: Thomas, Charman, Davison. ( all used )

Brading Town Man of the Match: Luke VINE.

Referee: Mr. Dean Thistlewood.



Wednesday, 15th April..

IW Division 1.

( Video courtesy of Mavis Siddons )

BRADING TOWN 1 v 1 West Wight.

( Scott Lawson )

Team: Payne Woodburn Quigley Burford Knowles Oatley Lawson Thomas J Larbalestier Cook Bennett.

Subs: Davis Burns Ruddell. ( all used )

Without Dan Vale, Caymen Collins, Liam Mulholland, Josh Woodnutt and James Woodhouse, Brading’s very young side, gained a draw against a very experienced West a Wight.

After taking the lead, West Wight levelled thanks to a very harsh penalty, given by the referee, who was some 60 yards away from the incident. It really looked like their player, had actually fouled ours!!

Dan Thomas hit the post in the second half and that was the nearest either side came to winning the game. Lots of positives from the youngsters.

( Lawts )

Referee: Mr. Dave Jukes.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Matt OATLEY.


Saturday, 11th April 15.

IW Saturday League, Div 1.

Northwood SJ 2 v 1 BRADING TOWN.

( C Collins )

Team: Burford Woodburn Bennett Woodnutt Knowles L Mulholland Woodhouse Lawson J Larbalestier C Collins Oatley.

Subs: G White, R Larbalestier. ( both used )

Referee: Mr. H. Gates.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Scott LAWSON.


IW Comb 1.

BRADING TOWN Res 3 v 8 W & B Res.

( Cook, Reeve, MacKinney )

Team: Davis Bayliss R White T Connor MacKinney Thomas Page Burns Carter-Knight Cook Reeve.

Subs: Vine, Charman. ( both used )

Brading Town Man of the Match:

A disappointing finish to the reserves home fixtures. Never an easy job to run the reserve side….as players can be taken for 1st team duties at the drop of a hat, as well as other, various reasons.

Referee: Mr. S. Gurney.


IW Div 3.

BRADING TOWN “A” 0 v 4 Carisbrooke Utd.

Team: A Lawton Boddington Davison Samuel Woodford Foss Ruddell Wood Law Rowe Millis.

Subs: Henderson, Suksaenya. ( both used )

Referee: Mr. A. Staniforth.

Brading Town Man of the Match:

Well done to Reece Beidler and Louis Hayward, two young men, who kept this almost under 18 side going, no matter what was thrown at them. It has been a tough season for them…but I’m sure they and their young squad have learnt a great deal. Which will stand them in good stead for next season. No matter what result was thrown at them, they had at a full side out each week.

Supplying players to the reserves, made it even tougher. Well done to all, Stan Dupp.


Bank Holiday Monday, 6th April..

IW Saturday League, Div 1.

BRADING TOWN 2 v 1 Vectis Nomads.

( Cook 1, Woodhouse 1 )

Team: Payne Woodburn Woodnutt Burford Knowles Mulholland Woodhouse Oatley Vale Collins Cook.

Subs: Davis, G White, Bennett.  ( all used )

A tough game against a strong and physical Nomads side.

A debut for young George Woodburn, which earned him the MOM award.

Scott Lawson and William Quigley were both rested whistling.……

Brading Town Man of the Match: George WOODBURN.

( Video courtesy of Mavis Siddons )