Saturday, 4th Oct 14.

Hampshire Intermediate Cup.

BRADING TOWN 1 v 0 Endy Re-United.

( Danny Vale )

Team: Payne Reeve Burford Knowles Woodnutt Bennett H Mulholland L Mulholland Oatley Vale Collins.

Subs: Urry, Mursell (used) Page, Hitchcox, Self. (unused)

Referee: Mr. Sean Phillips.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Sam KNOWLES.


Hampshire Jun B Cup.

AFC Nemesis 6 v 2 BRADING TOWN “A”.

( Austin Law 2 )

Team: Riley Parker R White Hayward Ward MacKinney Law Millis Rowe Cook Evans.

Subs: Boddington, A Lawton, Butler. (all used)

Referee: Mr. Donal (Colman) O’Meara.


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