FA Charter Standard…

BTFC Colts gain FA Charter Standard
BTFC Colts gain FA Charter Standard

Some very good news for the Club.

Following a recent, unannounced visit from the Hampshire FA, Brading Town FC passed the inspection with flying colours.

The club received a very high mark, in the high 90’s.

Thanks to all those who provide their time to the club and without whose help, the club would not be able to function.

It would be nice to have more helpers to share the work. Perhaps the one or two people who complain about the slightest thing, but offer no help, might even get involved, with some ideas??

Well done, to all those throughout the club, who are doing a sterling job. Your efforts are invaluable.

( More hands make light work!!!! )

2 thoughts on “FA Charter Standard…

  1. Clubs all over the Island and on the mainland, are folding almost weekly…much of it do with cash, but many of them to do with lack of volunteers to run a club. It will keep happening, as long as people turn up and moan and complain about the slightest thing…but offer no solution, of any kind. Seems as tho people who offer their help, want someting in return.

    The vast majority of folk who help at clubs, do it for nothing, for their love of football. Simples!

    If YOU can offer a couple of hours of your time to BTFC, step up, you might even enjoy it.


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