Tuesday, 30th Sept 14.


The Burf...Superb goal. ( Courtesy of Mavis Siddons )
The Burf…Superb goal. (photo courtesy of Roger Roper )

IW Saturday League, Div 1.

BRADING TOWN 3 v 0 Niton.

( C Collins, A Burford, D Vale )

Team: Payne Burford Woodnutt Mursell Knowles Page H Mulholland Oatley L Mulholland Vale Collins.

Subs: J Larbalestier, Reeve, Bennett. ( all used )

Referee: Mr. A. Jones.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Matt OATLEY.


Saturday, 27th Sept 14.

Harry Mulholland. (photo courtesy of Mavis Siddons)
Harry Mulholland. (photo courtesy of Roger Roper)

IW Saturday League, Div 1.

BRADING TOWN 4 v 0 Northwood SJ.

(  D Vale 2, H Mulholland 1, C Collins )

Team: Payne Page Woodnutt Knowles Mursell H Mulholland Burford L Mulholland Vale Urry Collins.

Subs: J Larbalestier, M Oatley, G White. ( all used )

Brading Town Man of the Match: Caymen COLLINS.

Referee: Mr. H. Gates.


IW Saturday League Comb 1.

West Wight Res 2 v 3 BRADING TOWN Res.

( G Carter-Knight 1, J Cook 1, P Davis )

Team: Woodhouse Youngson Burns Hitchcox Woodburn T Connor Thomas Davis R Larbalestier Cook Carter-Knight.

Subs: R White Vine (used)  Ward (unused)

Referee: Mr. Alan Leigh.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Todd CONNOR.


IW Saturday League, Div 3.

BRADING TOWN “A” 3 v 4 Ryde Saints “A”.

( N Rowe 2, R Evans 1 )

Team: A Lawton Parker Wood Millis Boddington law Hayward MacKinney Butler Rowe Evans.

Subs: Riley (used)  Biedler (unused)

Referee: Mr. Paul West.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Nathan ROWE.


Colts section news…

Although games stopped in May, it has been a far from quiet Summer for our coaches.Steve Read started the ball rolling by achieving his FA Level 1 Coaching Certificate.

The Club then saw Kev Read, Louis Riley and Mark Powell complete the FA Youth Module 1 at Petersfield, Portsmouth.

Next, using the Senior Club’s Vicarage Lane Ground, as a base, managers and coaches from across the age groups, engaged in a 10 week programme of sessions, working alongside FA Skills Trainers. The FA coaches covered a number of theory and practical topics, encouraging creative play, goalkeeping and positive match-day environments.

Of these activities, Chairman Mark Powell said “A massive thank you to the coaches, for their dedication and taking part in all of these activities. This show of our ongoing commitment as a club, in developing our staff and more importantly, the focus on providing the best possible coaching  for our players.

Congratulations to Steve on his qualification, this is accreditation for the brilliant work he has done alongside Kev, over a number of years. Thanks should also go to the players who volunteered for the FA sessions, they performed brilliantly and the Hampshire Skills coaches were certainly impressed by what they saw.”

Louis Riley has also just spent a 4 day residential course at England’s base, St. Georges Park, Burton, as part of the FA’s Future Football initiative.  We will publish his blog for the Hampshire FA here shortly.

Brading Town Colts section…


The Club are very pleased to announce, that we received a number of awards at a recent presentation, held by the Isle of  Wight Youth Football League.

The 2013/14 John Hazell Memorial Fund, Player of the Year Awards, were announced as…..

Jack Hill: Brading Town Under 15s.

Charlie Page: Brading Town Under 16s.

The Johnny Harris Memorial Shields for Sportsmanship were presented to…

Brading Town Colts Under 13s.

Brading Town Colts Under 15s.

Upon receiving news of the awards, Brading Town Colts Chairman said, “I am delighted for Jack and Charlie and the recognition the Island League has given them. Equally, many congratulations to Kev Attrill and Paul Daysh and their teams for playing hard but fairly, a spirit that is often missing from football and sport in general.

Saturday, 20th Sept.

IW Saturday League, Div 1.

Seaview 2 v 3 BRADING TOWN.

( Charlie Urry 2, Matt Oatley 1 )

Team: Payne Reeve Woodnutt Mursell Knowles Bennett H Mulholland L Mulholland Burford Vale Urry.

Subs: Lawson, Oatley, Collins.

Referee: Mr. Brian Hayward.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Andy PAYNE.


IW Saturday League, Comb 1.

BRADING TOWN Res 7 v 1 East Cowes Sports Res.

( R Larbalestier 2 G Carter-Knight 2, C Page 1, G White 1, J Woodhouse 1 )

Team: Davis Page Burns T Connor Woodburn G White Thomas Woodhouse R Larbalestier J Larbalestier Cook.

Subs: Carter-Knight, Vine, R White. (all used)

Brading Town Man of the Match: George WOODBURN.

Referee: Mr. Dave Gregory.


League action v High Park. (foto courtesy of Mavis Siddons)
League action v High Park. (foto courtesy of Mavis Siddons)



IW Saturday League, Div 3.

BRADING TOWN “A” 0 v 6 High Park.

Team: James Parker Woodford Ward Samuel Law Millis Hayward Rowe Boddington Suksaenya.

Subs: Butler, A Lawton, Foss. (all used)

Sadly, young Hugo suffered a broken collar bone and will be out for a couple of months. The club wishes him a speedy recovery.

Referee: Mr. Dean Thistlewood.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Austin LAW.


Jubilee Cup Semi-Final…

Tuesday 16th September.


 BRADING TOWN 3 v 0 Northwood SJ.

( C Urry 1, L Mulholland & L. Bennett )

What a difference a week makes!!! Commitment, energy, TEAM work and some BIG hearts. Which were all needed, to overcome a very committed Northwood side, who never gave up and fought for every ball. The Romans needed to be up for the battle, there were “fighters” all over the field.

Despite some nice football and a bit of grit……     Brading had Andy Payne to thank for the clean sheet, he pulled off several top saves.

Team: Payne 9 Reeve 7 Woodnutt 7 Mursell 7 Knowles 7 L Mulholland 8 H Mulholland 7 Burford 7 Bennett 8 Vale 8 Urry 7.

Subs: J Larbalestier 6 Quigley 6 Lawson 6.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Liam MUHOLLAND.

Referee: Mr. John Hopkinson.

Asst Refs: Mr. D. Fothergill & Mr. D. Thistlewood.

Stan Dupps Man of the Match: Andy Payne.


Saturday, 13th Sept 14.

IW Saturday League, Div 1.

Cowes Sports Res 1 v 1  BRADING TOWN.

( C .Urry )

Team: Burford Woodnutt Bennett Mursell Knowles H Mulholland L Mullholland Reeve Vale Collins Urry.

Subs: J Larbalestier, Page, (both used)

The Romans were dealt a pre match blow, when keeper Ben Self was declared unfit, at a very late stage. (illness)

Aaron Burford took the gloves and did a very competant job.

Brading went behind after a goal from former Brading Town player, Wilson. Brading deservedly equalised, following some excellent play by Charlie Urry, who scored a lovely goal for Brading.

When Lawson, Quigley, Ranson, Oatley, Self and Payne, all return….things should look to improve, as players have to fight for places. Also, with youngsters Larbalestier, Page & Cook, looking to force their ways into the 1st team.

All in all, a creditable draw for the Romans and a very much improved  performance after last Tuesdays debacle at the ” Lane “… I”m sure Lawts will have been a much happier manager last night….much to Lea’s pleasure!!

Referee: Mr. R. Batchelor 70/100.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Liam BENNETT.


IW Saturday League, Comb 1.

BRADING TOWN RES 1 v 0 Vectis Nomads Res.

( R. Larbalestier )

Team: Payne Youngson Burns Hitchcox Woodburn Connor Woodhouse Davis R Larbalastier Carter-Knight Vine.

Subs: R White, Suksaenya. (used)  Millis (unused)

Referee: Mr. A. Doncaster 88/100.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Ricky LARBALESTIER.


IW Saturday League, Div 3.

Wroxall 6 v 0 BRADING TOWN “A”.

Team: James Parker Woodford Ward Samuel Hayward McIntosh Law Rowe Dugard Boddington.

Subs: Biedler, Lawton, Butler. (all used)

Referee: Mr. S. Yardley 70/100.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Ashley JAMES.




Tuesday, 9th Sept 14.

IW Saturday League, Div 1. whistling.

BRADING TOWN 1 v 3 Oakfield.

( C Collins )

Well beaten, by a side who wanted it more, showed more commitment and had ( in large ) BIGGER hearts!!

( As some fella named Brian Clough once said,  ” If you haven’t got 4 or 5 BIG hearts in your TEAM, turn the bus round and go home!! )

Stan Dupp.

Team: Self Woodnutt Bennett Burford Knowles Mursell H Holland L Mulholland Oatley Collins Vale.

Subs: Hitchcox Reeve Urry. (all used)

Referee: Mr. Brian Hayward 75/100.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Caymen COLLINS.


IW Saturday League, Div 3.

Kyngs Towne 3 v 3 BRADING TOWN “A”.

( Rowe, Suksaenya & Law )

Team: Davis Boddington R White Samuel Ward Hayward Law Millis Rowe Suksaenya Butler.

Subs: Woodford & Parker (used) Biedler (unused)

Referee: Mr. R. McFarlane 62/100.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Renan WHITE.