Monday, 31st March.

IW Saturday League, Comb 1.

BRADING TOWN Res 9 v 2 Ryde Saints Res.

( McAllister 3, Hayward 2, Davis 1, Thomas 1, Reeve 1, Cook J )

Team: White J Bayliss Page Phillips Thomas Youngson Connor T Cook J McAllister Davis Reeve.

Subs: Woodmore Hayward Gregory. (all used)

An excellent result for the young reserve side. Saints were fortunate to get away with 9, after being totally outclassed.

Brading had 6 x 16 year olds in their starting 11.

Referee: Mr. Andy Doncaster 85/100.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Aaron YOUNGSON.


Saturday, 29th March…

Brading Town MOM, Daniel Vale.
Brading Town MOM, Daniel Vale.
( Photo courtesy of Mavis Siddons )


IW Saturday League, Div 1.

Binstead COB 3 v 5 BRADING TOWN.

( Danny Vale 3, Elliott Day 2 )

What difference a week makes. A reasonably comfortable win over the molehill men. Binstead’s defence were unable to cope with Vale and Day. Vale was pushed for the MOM award by young Matt Oatley, who improves with every game. Despite injuries in the squad, Brading were able to call on players such as James Woodhouse, who dealt with the threat of Younie with some ease, penalty aside. A mention  for Brose, who may have done better with COB’s first goal, one particular moment in the 2nd half, saw him pull off a spectacular save.

Danny Vale hit his 30th goal of the season so far. The 4th or 5th consecutive season that he has managed this achievement. Veteran Elliott Day hit his 2oth so far, taking their joint tally so far to 50 goals.

A mention for a very poor referee’s performance……, me, me!! Out of position for almost the entire game, behind play for most of the game and yards away from most incidents.

Team: Brose Woodhouse Knowles Attrill Burford Oatley Lawson Hitchcox Vale Collins Day.

Subs: Barron Thomas Davis. (all used)

Referee: Mr. Dave Jukes: 40/100.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Daniel VALE.

To finish on a good point, a pleasure to see Martyn RAGGETT of Binstead COB, now in his mid 40’s and a shining example to many of the players half his age and younger, commitment. Still playing 3 games a week!!! Enjoy playing against him, as 20 years ago, most wouldn’t be fit enough to be on the same pitch, fact!!! Well done fella, hope the groin injury is short??


IW Comb 1.

BRADING TOWN Res P v P Osborne Coburg Res.

( Game off: waterlogged )


IW Div 3.

BRADING TOWN “A” 1 v 0 Holmwood Ath.

( Mercin Seder )

Team. young Woodburn Ruddell Phillips McIntosh Samuel Gregory Lancey Rowe Cook J Seder.

Subs: Youngson Butler (used)  Lawton (unused)

Referee: Mr. Dean Thistlewood 85/100.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Marcin SEDER.




Wednesday, 26th March.

Brading Town Man of the Match. (photo courtesy of Mavis Siddons )
Brading Town Man of the Match. (photo courtesy of Mavis Siddons )


IW Saturday League, Div 1.

BRADING TOWN 5 v 0 Niton.

( Danny Vale 2, Charlie Urry 2, Caymen Collins 1 )

Team: Brose Woodhouse Knowles Attrill Oatley Burford Hitchcox Mulholland Vale Collins Day.

Subs: Urry Thomas Barron. (all used)

Referee: Mr. Richard Wetherick 75/100.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Aaron BURFORD.


Well done to all involved in the BTFC Colts section,their supporters and sponsors…


the Burlington Hotel in Sandown. Where a Horse Race Night was held to raise funds for Brading Town Colts. More than 100 people attended the event itself, with many others contributing by becoming horse owners and buying raffle tickets. After 8 regular races, the 9th and final race saw some extremely competitive bidding to become a horse owner and scoop prizes worth over £250.

At the end of a thoroughly entertaining evening, it was announced that a massive £1375 had been raised. “ Wow, amazing! ” were the words of Chairman, Mark Powell. Thanking Kathy Clifford (Event organiser) and everyone who had sold tickets, donated prizes and attended the evening. He added, “ This is phenomenal for our club, last year was great but this year has surpassed even that. We have plans to grow the club in major way in the next year and beyond. Events like this will help us to turn our dreams in to reality. ”

Many thanks to the following businesses for donating some amazing prizes….

Animal… Newport.

Bartletts Service Station.

The Bayshore Hotel, Sandown.


Brothers Fish and Chip Shop, Brading.

The Burlington Hotel, Sandown.

Caulkheads, Sandown.

Dinosaur Isle.

H. Samuel Jewellers.

Island Ales.

J.R.Buckett and Son.

LA Bowl.

M.S. Electrical, Sandown.

Planet Ice.

Radcliffe Fruit and Veg, Newport.


Safe ‘N’ Sound, Lake.

Wight Office Equipment, Sandown.

The Yarbridge Inn, Brading.

The Club would also like to thank everyone who donated prizes for the raffle.

This is the second year, that the Burlington Hotel has offered itself as a venue for our biggest fundraising event of the season. The whole Colts section would like to thank Mrs. Wade and everyone at the Burlington, for their ongoing support of our Club.


Monday, 24th March.

IW Comb 1.

BRADING TOWN Res 1 v 1 Oakfield Res.

( Craig Gregory )

Another decent performance from the young reserve side. With 6 players under the age of 17.

Team: Brose Collins Page Phillips Taylor Connor Thomas Youngson Cook Davis Reeve.

Subs: Woodmore Bayliss Gregory. ( all used )

Referee: Mr. Alan Leigh 65/100.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Charlie PAGE.


Saturday, 22nd March.

StarsIW Saturday League, Div 1.

 BRADING TOWN 2 v 4 Binstead COB.

( Danny Vale & Scott Lawson )

Team: Brose Woodnutt Knowles Attrill Thomas Burford Lawson Mulholland Oatley Vale Collins.

Subs: Hitchcox Day Urry. ( all used )

Despite having missed enough chances in the opening 2o mins, to win 3 games. Brading can have no grumbles. On the day the men from the molehill wanted it more and the Romans can have no complaints.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Sam KNOWLES.

Referee: Mr. Abu Gates 80/100.


IW Jun “A” Cup.

Rookley 4 v 2 BRADING TOWN Res.

( Alex Askwith & Callum Fairweather )

Team: Woodmore Bayliss Phillips Taylor Page Connor Gregory Askwith Fairweather Cook J Davis.

Subs: R. White. (used)

Brading Town Man of the Match: Charlie PAGE.

Referee: Mr. Andy Doncaster 80/100.


IW Combination 1.

High Park 1 v 2 BRADING TOWN “A”.

( Chris Murray, Jack Young )

Team: Hill Woodburn MacKinney Beidler Samuel Cant Murray Young Rowe Seder McIntosh.

Subs: Butler (used)

Referee: Mr. Richie Wetherick 75/100.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Harry McINTOSH.


Wednesday Evening, 19th March…


IW Saturday League, Div 1.

Cowes Sports Res 0 v 2 BRADING TOWN.

( Scott Lawson & James Woodhouse )

Team: Brose Woodnutt Knowles Thomas Attrill Burford Mulholland Lawson Vale Day Oatley.

Subs: Collins, Hitchcox, Woodhouse.  ( all used )

An excellent TEAM performance won Brading the 3 points, against a strong Cowes reserve side.

Goals from Scott Lawson and James Woodhouse, were the difference. The general commitment and attitude, from the whole squad was spot on.

The Romans came under a lot of pressure. Thankfully, Brian Attrill was in commanding form as Brading defended superbly.

When Cowes did get beyond our defence, Ryan Brose pulled of some superb saves, also having to deal with an aerial bombardment late in the game. He also received blows to the face on TWO occasions.

Every member of the squad made vital contributions tonight, as we start our annual run of busy games !!

The TEAM will need every member of the squad…… and more, over the coming weeks.


Brading Town Man of the Match: Brian ATTRILL & Ryan BROSE.

Referee: Mr. John Hopkinson 70/100.


Saturday, 15th March….. Brading spot on!!!!

IW Memorial Cup.

Cowes Sports Res 2 v 2 BRADING TOWN. 

Goals from Brian Attrill and Elliott Day gave Brading a 2-2 score line after 90 mins.

But the Romans won a dramatic penalty shoot out 4-2.

Danny Vale, James Ranson, Josh Woodnutt and Luke Hitchcox all converted from the spot.

Team: Brose Bennett Oatley Knowles Attrill Woodnutt Lawson Burford Vale Day Mulholland.

Subs: Collins C, Hitchcox, Ranson. (all used)


An excellent result against a strong Cowes side, which included 3 former Romans, Darren Williams, Oli Wilson and Jarred Wetherick, plus Max Draper & Gareth Bricknell.

Ryan Brose excelled in the shoot out, saving 3 penalties!!!

Sadly, the win was dampened by a nasty injury to youngster, Liam Bennett, who has ruptured his Achilles. We wish Liam a speedy recovery.

Referee: Mr. Abu Gates 85/100.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Josh WOODNUTT.


IW Comb 1.

BRADING TOWN Res P P Northwood SJ Res.

( Northwood SJ Res, unable to raise a side )


IW Junior “B” Cup.

BRADING TOWN “A” 0 v 4 Holmwood Ath.

Team: Hill Beidler Ruddell Lancey Cooney Samuel Youngson MacKinney Young Rowe Lawton.

Subs: MacIntosh, White, Page. (all used)

Mr. Dave Gregory 85/100.

Brading Town Man of the Match: Aaron YOUNGSON.