PH DAY, round up….

Brading Town Vets, Winners 2013.
Brading Town Vets, Winners 2013.

Group A

First game of the day saw Newport take on West Wight, which saw the 3 times winners open up with a 1-0 win. The highlight of the game was a stunning save from West Wight keeper Adam Millar, who somehow kept out Steve Bonser’s volley.

Newcomers Oakfield, then fought out a 0-0 draw with West Wight, with both defences on top. Newport then knew that if they avoided defeat in their final match, they would contest the final for the Peter Henry Shield.
They went into an early lead against Oakfield, who responded when Dean Ball dispatched a penalty to level things up. Oakfield knowing that a win would put them in the final, looked for a way through but were dealt a blow when Newport’s Gary  Streeter scored his 3rd goal of the day, to win the game and send Newport into the final.

Group B

This group opened with hosts Brading taking on the other newcomers, Shanklin. Brading dominated the early stages, kicking down the slope and after missing several good chances, Phil McDonald fired them into the lead. Those missed chances came back to haunt them, Rusty got through and finished well and earn a draw.

The second game saw holders East Cowes Vics take on Brading. Brading knew a win would give them a great chance of reaching the final. Bradings front three of Woodburn, McDonald and Ash Wright were in scintillating form as Brading ran out 4-0 winners, thanks to goals from Macca 2 and Ash Wright 2.

The final game left Shanklin needing to match Bradings 4-0 win, to force a play off or better it, to reach the final. Vics however had their pride to play for and took an early lead. Shanklin levelled in the second period and finished to tournament unbeaten.

The Final

A tight, fiesty affair, saw Brading win the trophy for the first time in 5 years. Ricky Larbelestier’s thumping header from Adam Sunsburg’s corner was the difference between the two sides. Both sides enjoyed lots of possession without too many clear cut chances.

Referee Terry Crow who had an excellent day, (as the only official that made it) blew the final whistle and the Brading players celebrated.

Captain Richard Woodburn received the Peter Henry Shield from Peter’s brother Fred and so ended another hugely successful tournament.

Thanks to all involved – the helpers, the dance group, the marching band, the teams and especially Sam Turner, who knitted everything together so brilliantly.
See you all next year.

Mixed emotions for Moore brothers…

Stuart Moore, Reading FC. ( former Brading Town youth player )
Stuart Moore, Reading FC. ( former Brading Town youth player )

Last weekend, Simon and Stuart Moore were both somewhat in the ” football lights “..

Both of the goal keeping brothers spent several seasons at Brading Town, before moving on to loftier ambitions. Last weekend saw elder brother Simon, not having the best of birthday ( 23rd ) presents, as his club Brentford lost out to Yeovil Town in the League 1 play off at Wembley. This was Simons second appearance at Wembley…although a disappointing end to the season, Simon has had a very good season indeed, with several reports of Premier and Championship clubs eying Simons displays. Keep it up Si. Everyone at the club sends their support and also best wishes for your future event!!!

Simon Moore, Brentford FC 2011/12. ( Formerly of Brading Town FC )
Simon Moore, Brentford FC 2011/12. ( Formerly of Brading Town FC )


Younger brother Stuart, was having a better weekend in Germany, playing against Wolfsburg, Frankfurt, Anderlecht, etc. Stu was representing his club, Reading, in a U19 Volksbak Tournament in Germany. This season has seen Stuart represent Arsenal U18’s also.

His exploits last weekend saw him pick up the ” Goalkeeper ” of the tournament award.. an excellent achievement. Stuart has just been awarded with his 1st professional contract at Reading.  Once again, all at BTFC send their wishes and support for the future.




Reserve Team appearances.. 2012/13.

The Reserves played 20 League games and 3 Cup games, making a total of 23 games.

Substitutes had to make an used, to gain an appearance mark.

Captain Sam Knowles played in every reserve game.

Paul Davis missed only 2 games, Alex Boirand missed only 3 games each.

Sam Knowles: 20 League. 3 Cup. Total 23.
Paul Davis: 16 League. 3 Cup. 2 Sub. Total 21.
Alex Boirand: 17 League. 3 Cup. Total 20.
Sam Sayers: 12 League. 0 Cup. 6 Sub. Total 18.
Chris Murray: 12 League. 2 Cup. 2 Sub. Total 16.
James Ranson: 12 League. 2 Cup. Total 14.
James Woodhouse: 11 League. 1 Cup. 2 Sub. Total 14.
Joe Sloane: 6 League. 2 Cup. 6 Sub. Total 14.
Matt Trundle: 4 League. 1 Cup. 9 Sub. Total 14.
Adie Lawton: 1 League. 0 Cup. 13 Sub. Total 14.
Roger Roper: 11 League. 2 Cup. 0 Sub. Total 13.
Alex Askwith: 10 League. 1 Cup. 2 Sub. Total 13.
Chris De Moulipied: 9 League. 3 Cup. Total 12.
Ross Phelps: 10 League. 2 Cup. Total 12.
Blair Burns: 6 League. 1 Cup. 4 Sub. Total 11.
Dean Stuber: 10 League. Total 10.
Jordan White: 6 League. 3 Cup. 1 Sub. Total 10.
Dan Thomas: 6 League. 0 Cup. 2 Sub. Total 8. 
Danny Reeve: 6 League. 1 Cup. 0 Sub. Total 7.
Simon Armstrong: 5 League. Total 5.
George Alger: 4 League. 0 Cup. 1 Sub. Total 5.
Jack Hayward: 3 League. 1 Cup. 0 Sub. Total 4.
Aarron Burford: 3 League. 1 Cup. 0 Sub. Total 4.
Paul Brenchley: 3 League. Total 3.
Paul Ruck: 3 League. Total 3.
Nick Eldridge: 2 League. Total 2.
Josh Woodnutt: 2 League. Total 2.
Ollie Wilson: 1 League. 1 Cup 0. Sub. Total 2.
Steve Goodall: 1 League. 0 Cup. 1 Sub. Total 2.
Jamie Ellis: 2 Sub. Total 2.
Robbie Clifton: 2 League. Total 2.
Jordan Ricketts: 1 League. Total 1.
Justin Henderson: 1 League. Total 1.
Levi Collins: 1 League. Total 1.
Keith White: 1 League. Total 1.
Luke Hitchcox: 1 Sub. Total 1.


Goal Scorer’s 2012/13.

1st and reserve goal scorers.

Any cock ups, let me know plse.

1st team.

Daniel Vale 27. Ben Armstrong 14. Caymen Collins 9. Brian Attrill 9. Ollie Buckett 8. Ollie Wilson 8. Luke Hitchcox 8. Joshua Woodnutt 4. Scott Lawson 4. James Phipps 4. Josh Younie 4. Jus Henderson 3. Chris Murray 3. Simon Armstrong 3. Dan Reeve 3. Rob Clifton 3. Paul Davis 3. Rog Roper 1. Alex Boirand 1. James Ranson 1. OG 1.


Alex Boirand 11. Alex Askwith 9. Dan Reeve 6. Chris De Moulipied 4. Chris Murray 4. James Ranson 4. Rob Clifton 4. Aarron Burford 3. Sam Knowles 3. Blair Burns 2. Matt Trundle 2. Simon Armstrong 2. Paul Davis 2. Rog Roper 2. James Woodhouse 1. Sam Sayers 1. Ollie Wilson 1.

1st team appearances, 2012/13

List of 1st team appearances this season. A total of 40. League 22  and Cup 18.

Substitutes only gain an appearance mark, if they were used.

( Any cock ups, let me know plse )


No-one managed to play a full season.

There were 22 league games, Adam Connor missed only 2 games. Scott Lawson & Danny Vale only missed 3 league games.

We played 18 Cup games. Danny Vale played in all 18 cup games.

Only 11 players managed to play in over half the league games.

Only 12 players managed to play in more than 20 of the 40 games…..


Danny Vale: League 17. Cup 18. Sub 1. Total 36.
Adam Connor: League 20. Cup 15. Sub 0. Total 35. 
Luke Hitchcox: League 14. Cup 16. Sub 5. Total 35.
Josh Woodnutt: League 18. Cup 12. Sub 4. Total 34.
Scott Lawson: League 17. Cup 12. Sub 3. Total 32.
Ollie Wilson: League 13. Cup 15. Sub 3. Total 31.
Caymen Collins: League 12. Cup 12. Sub 7. Total 31.
Brian Attrill: League 15. Cup 10. Sub 5. Total 30.
Ben Armstrong: League 15. Cup 6. Sub 8. Total 29.
Will Quigley: League 10. Cup 13. Sub 3. Total 26.
Ollie Buckett: League 7. Cup 9. Sub 7. Total 23.
Paul Brenchley: League 11. Cup 9. Sub 0. Total 20.
Justin Henderson: League 4. Cup 9. Sub 5. Total 18.
James Ranson: League 8. Cup 4. Sub 6. Total 18.
Simon Armstrong: League 6. Cup 5. Sub 6. Total 17.
Josh Younie: League 3. Cup 8. Sub 4. Total 15. 
James Phipps: League 9. Cup 5. Sub 0. Total 14.
Paul Ruck: League 3. Cup 9. Sub 0. Total 12.
Sam Knowles: League 8. Cup 2. Sub 1. Total 11.
Dan Thomas: League 3. Cup 0. Sub 7. Total 10.
Paul Davis: League 2. Cup 0. Sub 6. Total 8.
James Woodhouse: League 0. Cup 2. Sub 6. Total 8.
John Chambers: 6 League. 1 Cup. 1 Sub 1. Total 8.
Dan Reeve: League 1. Cup 2. Sub 4. Total 7.
Chris Murray: League 2. Cup 1. Sub 3. Total 6. 
Roger Roper: League 2. Cup 0. Sub 3. Total 5.
Joe Phelps: League 4. Cup 0. Sub 0. Total 4.
Kev Read: League 4. Cup 0. Sub 0. Total 4.
Robbie Clifton: League 3. Cup 0. Sub 1. Total 4.
Alex Boirand: League 2. Cup 0. Sub 2. Total 4.
Dean Stuber: League 2. Cup 1. sub 0. Total 3.
Levi Collins: League 0. Cup 0. Sub 3. Total 3.
Chris De Moulipied: League 1. Cup 1. Sub 0. Total 2.
Alex Askwith: League 1. Cup 0. Sub 1. Total 2.
Jack Hayward: League 0. Cup 1. Sub 0. Total 1.
Aarron Burford: League 0. Cup 0. Sub 1. Total 1.



It’s a BIG thank you…..

Steve Rowe & Steve Lawton. UTR! ( Photo courtesy of the Queen Bee )

I would just like to thank all the players on behalf of myself, Steve Rowe and the football club for their efforts in recent weeks.

To have played the amount of games, endured the disappointment of losing two big cup games on penalties and putting their bodies on the line was amazing.

Someone said to me earlier, that we have played half a season in 6 weeks, that coupled with the cup matches, made it a superb effort.

To reach last nights game with Champions, West Wight, still in with a chance of winning the league, was a great effort from all concerned. With all the injuries, unavailabilities and players having to step up from the reserves, following their own efforts this season, we have still had a very good season.

I don’t think there is another team on the Island that could have coped with the loss of players like Hendo, Josh Younie, Brenchley, Rans, Quiggers, Si Ammo, Oli Wilson, Reevo, Rucky, all to injury, then to lose Valer and Ollie Buckett for the biggest game of the season, that capped it off !!

3rd in the league, Jubilee Cup Winners, Challenge Cup runners up, Hants Cup semi finalists and reaching the 1/4 finals of both the Gold cup and the Memorial Cup is some going, not forgetting Keith and the reserves winning Combination 1. That is some going for any club, but still a feeling of disappointment is there. Hopefully, that disappointment will spur us on for next season and hopefully, we can convert some of those near misses into silverware.

With Nomads and Binstead coming up, next season promises to be an even more competitive division. We will be looking ahead with confidence and with the addition of a few new faces, plus the youngsters coming through, exciting times are ahead for the club.

Thanks also to Geoff for a tremendous job, steering the club in the right direction and the countless hours he has put in to the club. Those sentiments are also worthy of Keith White, Paul Woodnutt, Rob Brewer, Wayne Bradley, Tony James, Bernard Penney, Tim Lewis, Paul Armstrong, Stan Dupp, Phil Davis, Peter Hudson, Bomber, Mavis Siddons, Mike and Linda for all their efforts in and around our club.


Saturday, 11th May.

IW Saturday League, Div 1.

BRADING TOWN 4 v 0 Oakfield.

( Josh Woodnutt 2, B Armstrong 1, Paul Davis 1 )

Team: Read Woodnutt Knowles Hitchcox Connor Attrill Boirand Wilson Vale Davis B Armstrong.

Subs: Quigley Thomas Woodhouse (all used)

Referee: Mr. Brian Hayward 80/100


Wednesday, 8th May, Championship Decider!!


IW Saturday League, Div 1.

West Wight 2 v 1 BRADING TOWN.

Team: J Phelps Woodnutt Knowles Hitchcox Connor Attrill Boirand Lawson C Collins Davis B Armstrong.

Subs: Murray Thomas Wilson (all used)

Brading Town Man of the Match: SCOTT LAWSON.

Referee: Mr. Brian Hayward 90/100

( Congratulations to West Wight FC )

Unfortunately, without Quigley, Vale, Buckett, Brenchley, Henderson, ( Wilson only 50% ), Ranson, Reeve, Si Armstrong, Phipps & Ruck, it was a bridge too far..